A new concept of art has become a reality.

Apply to have your artwork reach visibility never seen before. We will transform your paintings, photographs, and sculptures into NFT to reach a new dimension.


An artist may create a maximum of 5 galleries in which to classify and exhibit his or her works. Collectors will be able to buy the works directly from them without having to go to the marketplace and will also have the possibility of directly exporting the content of the works to a temporary exhibition or an online art fair.


Next Age Gallery will periodically promote temporary online exhibitions with works of different styles and techniques. Artists will be eligible to participate by applying to the application procedure that will be published weeks before each exhibition.

Fair participation

It is well known that one of the main means of promotion for art galleries and artists is participation in fairs. It is also known the high cost involved. Therefore, from 2teamNFT, we propose a new model where the costs can be shared among all participants of the fair. Thus obtaining an excellent promotion for a much more affordable cost.

Artist career management

Sometimes, new talents need a mentor to guide and advise them in their artistic career and how to face the challenges that they face through the difficult path of the art world. Our expert consultants will solve all your doubts and will advise them on all the steps to follow to achieve success.


Thanks to the tokenization process an artist will be able to convert his or her artwork into a digital token that can be tracked for life. It prevents any kind of counterfeiting and allows the artist to collect royalties for each resale of the token.

The difference between Next Age Gallery and the rest of the market is that we not only promote and sell NFTs but also the original artwork itself, with all the advantages that this entails for both seller and buyer.

In addition, thanks to tokenization, it is possible to sell only the exploitation rights of the artwork, so that an artist sells part of the rights of one of his works to finance his projects and it is only after the sale of the work when he has to pay the rights to those who have bought them in the corresponding percentage.

After selling royalties paying

Thanks to tokenization, an artist will be able to get a percentage of the resale price each time there is a transaction of the NFT representing the work.

The artist himself will decide whether or not to assign the royalties and, in the second case, the percentage of the resale amount.


We promise to get you the best insurance for your pieces, whether they are paintings, sculptures, tapestries, antique furniture, carpets, graphic works, glass, gold and silverware, engravings, photography, stamps, or coins.

In addition to insurance for collections, we also offer nail-to-nail insurance for transportation anywhere in the world.