And of course, the mystery; the hidden smile, the stern look, the helplessness... What are they thinking, what determined their existence, do they feel, do they suffer? The lives of others are also ours.

Clara de Bobes

Artist’s statement

I have always painted. Since my earliest childhood memories. The reason is very simple: painting makes me happy.

Is that enough? In a first approximation, we could say yes. Painting brightens my days and improves my life. But painting is also a form of expression and that requires an interlocutor. I would like my creations to reach people and somehow provoke an emotion. The force of emotion with which I create my characters. Because my works involve curiosity, but also passion and compassion.

I like to think that in the process of creation I get to know intimately the character portrayed, whether it is a real person or an invention. Children of the spirit, my imaginary family. And I want some of that secret knowledge to reach the viewer. What is behind the skin of reality? A world that underlies the aesthetics of the visible: the lives, flares in time, of people who, like us, will have to go their own way and disappear forever. Better and worse lives, with tortuous or luminous paths, but always individual and solitary; many of them conditioned from the beginning and others blessed by luck… but always solitary and unique.

Artistic training

He studied drawing and painting at the Escola Superior d’Art i Disseny in Palma de Mallorca, at the Escola d’Arts Guasch i Coranty in Barcelona, at the Museo de Reproducciones Artísticas in Bilbao and at the Estudio Taller de Richard Pérez Franco in Bilbao.

Among others, he receives art and painting lessons from painters and esteemed teachers and friends Tinus Castanyer, Maria Luisa Magraner, Pedro Quetglas “Xam”, Ramon Navarro, Hector Orruño, Beatriz Aparicio, Richard Perez…


Winner in the competition to participate in the Covid Dreams exhibition. Artavita, 2020.
Winner of the competition to participate in the Spectrum- Red Dot Miami Art Fair. Miami, 2020.
Winner of the World Wide Art Magazine competition. Artavita, 2020.
Selected for Anima Mundi, “Visions” exhibition. Venice, 2019.
Selected for Annuale d’arte di Alessandria (esposizione collettiva di arti visive) – Proposta mostra personale acura di Flavio De Gregorio. Alexandria, 2019.
Selected at the Clio Art Fair. New York, 2019.
Selected at the Shibuya Station Exhibition. Tokyo, 2019.
In 2018 wins the competition to participate in the exhibition The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art – Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street. New York, 2018.


2020, Shanghai International Art Fair. Shanghai.

2020, Sala Catai. Bilbao.

2020, Gustavo de Maeztu Museum. Estella.

2019, Visions. Anima Mundi. Venice.

2019, Shibuya Station Exhibition, Tokyo.

2018, Agora Gallery, New York.

2017, Art Fair, Malaga.

2015, Art Cuestion. Ourense.

2015, Salon d’Art Contemporain. Biarritz.

2015, Art Shopping. Carrousel du Louvre. Paris.

2014, Anima2. Aixerrota Art. Bilbao.

2014, Ánima. Lobby Hotel Ercilla. Bilbao.

2012, Berreginen Museoa. Bilbao.

2011, Berreginen Museoa. Bilbao.

2010, Berreginen Museum. Bilbao.

1993, Novo, Art Gallery. Palma de Mallorca.

1991, Sant Pere’s Art Gallery. Palma de Mallorca.

1985, Escola Superior d’Art i Disseny. Palma de Mallorca.

1978, Casal de Cultura de l’Ajuntament de Santany. Mallorca.

1975, Exhibition Hall of the Town Hall of Andratx. Mallorca .

1969, Escola d’Arts Guasch i Coranty. Barcelona.

1968, School of Arts Guasch i Coranty. Barcelona.