A visual artist creating for the global community.

Alejandro Silveira Bruno

A lifelong student.

A talented artist.

Alejandro Silveira (artist name * Al Bruno *) with over 800 products, all infused with his bright, colorful style and inspired subject matter, Alejandro combines a modern perspective with the soul and colors of our ancient cultural roots.

Summary of Zazzle’s 2005 ZNews interview. Engraver and painter par excellence, his career begins at an early age investigating all kinds of techniques until 1995, where he begins to make Digital Art through Photoshop as his inseparable tool.

His work ranges from abstraction and pop to figurative neo-expressionism, thus digitizing his experiences combined with his imagination and penetrating into a timeless world where the conjunction of shapes, lights and shadows, colors and rhythms create a new form of painting and engraving.

In 2019 he began his research in the audiovisual area creating videos with music of his choice (illustrations of songs of various genres) with his works in mixed, digital and analog techniques).

He also works as freelance illustrator.